WATCH: Hillary Announces Sickening New “Islamic Plan”. THIS IS EVIL.

It is even easier now for Hillary Clinton to promote her ignorant ideas — she doesn’t have any accountability!

In a recent speech discussing the London Bridge terrorist attack, Clinton claimed we can end terrorism by “Getting to know one another. Learning about the experiences, the lives, the cultures, the religions, the food.”

Hillary Clinton is in a very convenient political position. She can pander to the crazies on the Left with her insane “co-exist” rhetoric with the comfort of knowing that it will never be put into practice.

If Hillary Clinton’s optimistic approach to terrorism were ever implemented, it would mark the end of Western Civilization. We have watched Europe experiment with multiculturalism and fail — we would be foolish to repeat their mistakes.

The former First Lady explains that we need to try “putting yourself in another’s shoes, walking in them.” More like putting yourself in another’s suicide vest.

Our society has a serious problem with radical Islamic terrorism, and it is not due to a lack of “understanding”. Islam is simply not compatible with Western culture, and jihadists are already taking advantage of our kindness.

I know everything I need to know about the Islamic culture. I know that the parents of children sent to their deaths are praised in their community and that the dead kids are praised as martyrs.

I know that a group of Islamists thought it was acceptable to plant a nail bomb, maiming and murdering 7 to 17-year-old girls attending a pop music concert. I know that countless girls born in Islamic countries suffer female genital mutilation and that many of the boys are drafted as child soldiers.

It doesn’t matter how great Muslim food or Islamic music are. The fact of the matter is this. The Koran is NOT full of peaceful messages, so how great Islamic food and music are or could be, really doesn’t matter.

What matters is that hundreds of people each year are bombing train stations and airports in the name of Islam.

Our problem is a lack of understanding — but not a lack of understanding the Islamic culture. The problem is that liberals do not understand that Islamists want us all DEAD. They don’t want “understanding” with us.

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