WАTCH – ‘Thе Viеw’ Hоsts Crossеd The Line – Sеt To Bе CANCЕLLED Aftеr Sеxual Insult To Donаld And Mеlania On Live TV…

“Good Lord” listening to these over-the-hill D-list busybodies on “The View” attempting to figure out President Trump’s lifestyle is akin to those unattractive and overweight girls spreading rumors about the most popular couple in high-school.

Simply listen to frumpy Joy Behar attempting to spread unsubstantiated gossip regarding the mental health of President Trump. And then pivots to a subject that perhaps she only wishes she could still enjoy “sex” and what our Commander-in-Chief and the First Lady are up to, between the sheets.

Like peeping toms peering into the window of that popular high school couple, “Joyless Behar” continues attempting to explain the president’s sex life with the First Lady suggesting something bizarre.

He’s losing it,” Behar said, “and we’ll all see soon, it’s going to all be over.”

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