Queen Elizabeth EVISCERATES London’s Muslim Mayor After He Attacks Trump

We can always count on the Queen. London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan is pushing hard for President Donald Trump to cancel his upcoming visit to the city, simply because of what he calls the American President’s “alarmist” reaction to the terrorist attacks. Queen Elizabeth will have none of that.

The Queen absolutely refused to change the invitation that she extended to Trump. He is to meet with her at Buckingham Palace, completely destroying Kahn’s efforts to keep Trump out of London, as Breitbart reported.

Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary replied to reports of Kahn’s ridiculous efforts, “[The President] appreciates Her Majesty’s gracious invitation.”

Khan is leading London down a dangerous road. He has allowed at least 400 known ISIS fighters to come back into London, despite there known terrorist connections. The Queen is sending Khan a unmistakable message that she agrees with Trump about the “alarmist” reaction to her people being killed.

Piers Morgan exposed this in an interview this morning:

Even though there have been three terrorist attacks in the past three months, Khan remarked that there is “no reason to be alarmed.” Obviously, the Queen is deeply troubled about the way her country is being run. The Queen, no doubt, appreciates President Trump’s support of the United Kingdom during such a difficult time.

Trump took to Twitter with his opinions of Khan and his lackadaisical attitude about the rising number of deaths at the hands of terrorists.

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