Trump Fan Gets Obliterated For Asking Where Michelle Obama Was After Hurricane Katrina

One of President Trump’s loyal fans, dubbed “Bikergirl4Trump” on Twitter, posted a sign targeted towards former First Lady Michelle Obama asking where she was three days after Katrina. Then, she answered the question with: “She was shopping!”

There are two things wrong with this picture: 1) Michelle Obama wasn’t the First Lady when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, Laura Bush was. And, 2) the picture on her sign is of former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Here’s a better image of the picture:

Our first thought was this must be a joke, but upon looking further at her page, and her other anti-liberal postings, we reached the conclusion that Bikergirl4Trump is really outraged Michelle Obama didn’t show up to help out for Hurricane Katrina.

She describes herself as a “Proud American, Lady Patriot, NRA member, photographer, motorcycle cyclist, and a boater.”

Interestingly enough, she also re-tweeted President Trump from earlier in the year showing him in the Oval Office with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. You would think she would be able to make a connection between the two photographs and establish she looks nothing like Michelle Obama. Other than, of course, that both women just so happen to be black.

Anyways, we still can’t believe this is a real posting. Are Trump supporters really this stupid? We’d like to think they just have a difference of opinion, but maybe some of them are.

And – BikerGirl isn’t the only one. Apparently, many Republicans took to social media to attack former President Obama about his Katrina response, forgetting, you know, that he wasn’t actually president then.


You can just imagine the ridicule this lady received on social media – it was intense.

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