Barack Hussein Obama has only been out of office for just over a week, and his legacy is already being destroyed before his very eyes.
Breitbart reported that GOP leaders are planning to use a fast-track congressional process to kill the anti-gun regulation that was issued by Obama just before he left the White House.
“The Republican-dominated House will bypass the committee process and go directly to a vote by the entire chamber on a half-dozen resolutions,” a spokesman for House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s spokesman, according to Reuters.
Breitbart reported that this will allow Congress to pass resolutions to “wipe out [certain] entire regulations” put in place by Obama and his administration, the Social Security gun ban among them. The Congressional Review Act allows the GOP members to do this, as it states that “Congress can use simple majority votes to stop recent regulations in their tracks.”
Representative Greg Walden (R-OR-2) pointed out that Democrats will not be able to stop the Republicans from doing this if they stick together, saying “the resolutions only require simple majorities to pass, they will probably sail through the House and then pass the Senate, where Democrats, the minority party, cannot mount a filibuster against them.”
The Social Security gun ban stands out among the resolutions on the chopping block as the worst by far, as Obama designed it so that it gives the Social Security Administration (SSA) the right to ban certain facilities from purchasing guns based on a need for help in managing their finances.
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