HE’S FINISHED: What The Senate Just Found Out About Eric Holder Will Make Democrats Furious

Remember Obama’s scandal-free presidency? Yeah me neither.

The former president and his attorney general Eric Holder were put on blast today by the House Oversight Committee for stonewalling the investigation into the death of Border Patrolman Brian Terry. Terry was slain during Obama’s failed and controversial gun-running program called Operation Fast and Furious.

Operation Fast and Furious was a project run by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) during the Obama administration. The program involved allowing American gun shops to sell weapons to known Mexican drug cartel members. The guns were then supposed to be tracked so gang networks could be identified.

Unsurprisingly, arming Mexican drug lords did not work out well for the Obama administration. The FTA lost track of 1,400 of the 2,000 guns sold, and Patrolman Brian Terry may have been killed by one of those weapons during a shootout with a gang on the Mexican border.

Brian Terry’s suspected murderer was arrested last month, which may help bring more clues to the investigation:

The House Oversight Committee tore into former attorney general Eric Holder’s Justice Department for attempting to hide details about Terry’s death from his family. Their 300-page report also blasted Obama’s use of executive privilege to prevent Congress from evaluating Fast and Furious Records.

Republican Iowa Senator Charles Grassley, who is now chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, slammed the Department of Justice:

“The Department of Justice and ATF had no intention of looking for honest answers and being transparent…In fact, from the onset, bureaucrats employed shameless delay tactics to obstruct the investigation.”

Wow. I am so happy that these new revelations are coming to light. I can only imagine how many more Obama scandals will be uncovered now that he is out of power.

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