BREAKING: John McCain Just Flipped! Donald Trump Is SHOCKED At What He Just Said…

Tuesday on Fox News, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) says that Trump “has a point” about the fact that the Trump and Russia “leak is somebody’s responsibility.”

He also called the leak “totally wrong.” Help us share this right now!

You can watch the interview below.

“The president-elect has a point. This information, this damning information which, by the way, was provided to me, and I made no judgment on it, but handed it over to the FBI. But the fact that this un-validated, to say the least, document was leaked is somebody’s responsibility. So the president-elect does have a point here I mean after all. So I think that that’s something that may be missing in this discussion.”

McCain then added that “The very fact that it was leaked one is a commentary on this town, as you know, but second was totally wrong to have that out an un-validated document, which is damming out there among the American public without having any validation whatsoever. So it’s harmful to the president of the United States.”

You won’t see CNN reporting this. Help us get this interview to the people of America.

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McCain is a traitor, but he just admitted that the documents that were released were totally fake. There are millions of liberals around this country that still believe that report. Thank you for your SHARE, patriot. (h/t Breitbart)

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