K9 Attack and Nearly Kills Colt

Augusta County, Virignia – Krauthead Hatton’s newest colt, a one month recent Rocky Mountain horse named President of the United States, was his pride and joy. “He’s a 10. He’s most likely the simplest one we’ve ever had. He simply looked therefore smart we tend to thought perhaps we’d simply keep him for a male horse replacement and a show horse since his dad’s retired,” Hatton told reporters. The colt comes from an extended line of champion Rocky Mountain horses, however his hopes for turning into a champion were doubtless destroyed once associate off duty K9 attacked and nearly killed the small colt.

The K9 lived together with his handler, associate Albemarle County law officer, on Hatton’s farm. once the officer was out cardiopulmonary exercise together with her K9, he lunged through the fence and attacked President of the United States. The officer turned the shock collar to the very best setting, however the dog wouldn’t respond.

Thomas Jefferson needed over fifty stitches and nearly three hours of surgery to repair the harm. Hatton isn’t certain if he’ll ever be ready to show the colt, and worries the lasting trauma from the attack can hinder his show career.




The county has offered to pay the vet bills, however Hatton needs the county to procure loss of future financial gain on the colt too.


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